Some of the TriHards doing what they do best: posing.

All About Us!

“No challenge too small”, that’s one of our mottos. You’ll find many more if you read through our race reports. You can never have too many inspirational mottos...

We are the hard people of the TriHards, hard as nails (yes, another motto), so long as the nail is old, rusty and bent. We’ve primarily formed a team to go in adventure races, but we’re game for just about anything and have expanded our horizons to include rogaining, fun runs and are even contemplating moving on to other challenges where there is no coffee available (so long as we can bring our own).

Meet the Team

Big D cover shot

Renowned for his talent in the kitchen, boy does this man do a nice salad - Big Dave joined the Canberra TriHards for the first race of the 2010/2011 AROC season and like his adventure racing compadre, the Cap’n, Dave also chose to dive headfirst (literally) into a AROC Classic course, rather than namby pamby about with a Novice first.

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Capn cover shot

The Capt’n does nothing by halves. When he sees something shiny, he jumps in, feet first, ready for action. So it was when he joined the TriHards in late 2008, The Capt’n was not content with starting off with an “easy” novice course; no, he had to dive straight in for the classic; achieving tremendous results! In fact, so enamoured was the Capt’n with adventure racing after his first few events, that he decided to create his own adventure racing team. And, in usual Capt’n fashion-we’re not talking about gathering a few like-minded racers under one banner-he actually made his own team, consisting entirely of his progeny! (No doubt we’ll see the team in the 2009-2010 season!)

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Cowboy cover shot

Some say he’d killed a man up in South Dakota and was on the run from the law, others told tales of having his heart broken by a woman of tragic beauty, then there were tall stories about gambling debts and lost Inuit golden fortunes. We’ll probably never know what led this gun-toting, horse-wrangling mystery man to wander on to our team, but we’ll always be glad he did.

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Cyborg cover shot

Cyborg, being made up of titanium parts, is the toughest, most durable human in existence. One fateful afternoon in 2004, Chris (as he was back then) was racing his faithful companion Jack on his bike when he discovered the perils of riding with an animal. The normally vigilant Jack was distracted by some wildlife and decided he wanted a closer look, Jack ran across the front of Chris’s vehicle causing an abrupt end to the outing. Chris was rendered useless by the incident for some time, having broken bones in both arms. Chris was the recipient of some of mankind’s most sophisticated hardware. His only regret to date is that more of his then fragile body was not broken, in order to be enhanced by “Terminator” like inner structures.

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Doc Runaway cover shot

Fleet of foot and faster of wit, the fragile-looking Doc Runaway is not as slight as she appears. Beneath the wiry frame hides the musculature of an intense athlete, controlled by the serious mind of a medico. Her medical training has enabled her to go for long periods on her feet, to last without sleep, and to prescribe herself medication. She will even provide medical treatment to the TriHards, when absolutely, positively necessary and has even offered on various occasions to lance various parts of TriHards’ bodies with a rusty nail.

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Engine cover shot

Some would argue he ain’t little, but then everyone know he could.

Interestingly enough if he has a good race on the weekend the trains in Sydney run on time, you don’t want to know what happens if he runs out of steam.

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Father Brendan cover shot

Father Brendan: the ultimate athlete. Shortly after completing the gruelling Hartley Challenge, Father Brendan joined the first TriHards team in their introduction to adventure racing, the AROC Corporate Challenge, 2006. The race wasn’t nearly enough to tire the stout soul, so he went off afterwards to play a game of soccer with his work colleagues...

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Immoral Support Crew cover shot

“Go the extra mile”, “Push through the pain”, “We gave 110%” - all of these are very standard, if not overused, sporting idioms that you may hear after any sort of sporting event, but will almost certainly never hear around the Immoral Support Crew. Ladies may perspire, women may sweat, but the Immoral Support Crew would much rather just sit down with a hot chocolate and camera, waiting at the finish line for the team to roll in.

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Jack cover shot

I first met Jack on 20 May, 1997; he was the only wounded puppy at the RSPCA that day, with a large gash in his head. This almost led to him being named “Gorby” after the famed peacemaker of the time, Mikhail Gorbachev, fortunately wiser voices prevailed, and Jack became his moniker. He came home with me that day, so small he could fit into the palm of my hand. He slept in a little cardboard box beside my bed, and on that first night, at about three in the morning, he let out the faintest whimper to let me know he wanted to go outside. As I carried him, up on my shoulder, he nuzzled into my ear and gave me my first puppy lick; it was that moment that sealed out fates. We would be Best Mates for Life.

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Junior shot

Every man has his nemesis; a person that drives them, pushes them, forces them to do their best. They can be an enemy - the Joker to Batman; a rival-Sly Stallone to Arnold Schwarzenegger; even friends-Canbera TriHards to Sydney TriHards. Junior is the Cyborg’s nemesis. That one competitor he cannot seem to catch; who resides just out of his reach.

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max shot


Caged for a crime he didn’t commit, he promptly escaped hidden in a Border Collie Rescue vehicle to the Canberran suburbia. Today, he survives as a personal trainer par excellence. If you need to get in shape, if nothing else has worked, if you can afford pats and dog food, maybe you can hire the M-Trainer.

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mcfly cover shot

McFly is the only freak in the TriHards, with behaviour which is aberrant from the rest of the team; he manages to complete events (even the Wild Endurance) with relative ease, and has a sad tendency to wear exposed lycra. He says it’s because he gets too hot (does the line “This shirt is chafing me...” ring a bell?) Fortunately, he’s in the Sydney branch, so the Canberra Crew’s eyes are rarely subjected to the lycra-clad McFly

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MiniMiss cover shot

Despite still being in her infant years, Mini Miss GPS has already become a formidable force in adventure racing!  In the short time since she burst forth onto the world, she has attained medals for several events, such as the Mother’s Day Classic, the Canberra Times Fun Run and the City to Surf!  Not only has she completed these events, she even managed to beat the more experienced (and longer legged) Mrs GPS across the line every time!  In addition to these lofty achievements she has already shown herself to be a keen mountaineer and trekker; already scaling Pigeon House Mountain, Koscuiszko and Diamond Head Crater in Hawaii - though at this stage she still comes behind her esteemed father, Mr GPS on these climbs (something which the determined trekker will no doubt correct in short time!)

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Mr GPS cover shot

Mr Bas is part GPS, part phys-ed teacher; with excellent navigational and motivational skills. Mr GPS is the TriHard responsible for direction and motivation. It has been said that you could drop Mr GPS in the middle of nowhere, armed with nothing but a topo map and compass, and within hours he will find his way back to your house, coffee in hand, to demand his 100 push-ups for causing him inconvenience.

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Mr J cover shot

Mr Bas is part GPS, part phys-ed teacher; with excellent navigational and motivational skills. Mr GPS is the TriHard responsible for direction and motivation. It has been said that you could drop Mr GPS in the middle of nowhere, armed with nothing but a topo map and compass, and within hours he will find his way back to your house, coffee in hand, to demand his 100 push-ups for causing him inconvenience.

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I Have Questions...

Here are some answers. If you have other questions, email us and we’s send you an answer (and not harvest your email address and sell it on to purveyors of internet goods).

Who are the TriHards?

We’re a group of like-minded, though not exceptionally athletically gifted people, who enjoy getting out and being active (though, not necessarily every weekend). Knowing there are other people in the group makes it easier for us to put together teams for races, or get small groups together for our regular climbs/training runs/paddles or whatever other activity may take our fancy.

How do I Get to be a TriHard?

It’s easy. First, donate your first born child to us. Then we put you through a long and involved initiation ceremony involving virgins, goats and blood under a fool moon near Mt Ainslie, the details of which cannot be published online. If your sacrifice is enough, and you pass the initiation, you can be a TriHard.

Or, you know, you could just be an average person keen to go out for a run/climb/paddle, enter a rice and just drop us a line. (You know, so long as you’re in line with our core belief that it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game).

Do I have to go in races?

Races are the fun part! Not every TriHard races; there’s no compulsion to go into any event. It just gives us a bit of motivation to head out and train. Heaven forbid we’d be doing laps of Lake Burley Griffin just to get fit! You’re very welcome to join the Immoral Support Crew and cheer from the sidelines or turn up at the end of the race with a bbq. Hmm, post-race bbq...

What Does it Cost to be a TriHard?

Nothing. Unless you want us to be your friends too. That costs a lot. Well, except for Jack, he’ll be anyone’s friend.

What do I get?

Sore muscles. Email spam when we’re doing something. The desire to waste money on even more kit. Meeting people who are just as silly as you and all too eager to head out for a weekend adventure. Most importantly, you’ll get a cool nickname, and a profile page. But we get to make up your profile.

Okay, you’ve convinced me. I wanna be a TriHard. What do I do now?

Email us and we’ll add you to our list so you’ll hear about it next time we’re heading out!